Can Vitamin C Help With Stress & Depression?


Yes, it can. Vitamin C plays a crucial role in regulating and supporting your mood, emotions and mental health.

This post will highlight some of the critical roles Vitamin C plays in combating symptoms associated with stress.

Including anxiety, depression, including PMS. (premenstrual syndrome)

I’ve highlighted some of the most important bits for you, in case your schedule is tight.

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Vitamin C Helps Regulate Your Moods & Emotions

Having low vitamin C levels appears to put people more at risk from the following symptoms:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • disrupted sleep
  • fatigue

Making sure your levels are adequate is essential whether you suffer from any of the above disorders or not.

Including lots of vitamin C rich food in your diet or taking supplements can significantly help keep your mood and emotions in check.

Taking your mental health into account is equally important as your physical health too.

The urgency in taking care of your mental health has never been more pressing.

Having suffered from depression in the past, I know just how devastating it can be to all areas of your life; it affects everything.

The good news is that you can do lots of things to prevent and cope with the symptoms.

Vitamin C Helps Elevate the Symptoms of Stress, Anxiety & Depression

The US National Library of Medicine has, over the past 30 years, done more than 300 studies on stress and the ability to fight infection and disease.

The study concluded that,

psychological challenges have a, detrimental impact on the immune system inhibiting, it’s proper function which can lead to stress, anxiety and depression which in turn can and will lead to physical illness and disease.

Studies have also shown that we, as human beings, have long-lost our ability to produce sufficient amounts of vitamin C naturally.

This evolutionary factor has rendered our natural stress response somewhat lacking, as well as an underperforming immune system.

Here are two excellent studies, both of which are insightful reads.

The Effects of Oral Vitamin C Supplementation and The Role of Vitamin C in Stress-Related Disorder

The Brain Is Engine Room of Your Behavior

Vitamin C also contributes to supporting the formation and maintenance of neurotransmitters and hormones.

There are two different types of neurotransmitters and hormones, and both are present in human and animals.

These are chemical messengers called neurons that facilitate communication between the cells, organs and muscles in your body and brain.

Neurotransmitters are a part of the nervous system and act as a sort of circuit transmitter.

The response includes the release of mood stabilisers such as serotonin & dopamine.

Their response includes the release of stress and mood stabilisers such as serotonin, dopamine.

Hormone response is not usually immediate and takes anywhere from a few minutes to a few days to initiate any action.

Unlike neurotransmitters,  the endocrine system produces hormones before being released into the bloodstream.

An Extra Boost of Vitamin C is Needed Each Time Stress Hormones Are Released

Catecholamines, commonly known as stress hormones, are produced in the two adrenal glands, each situated on each kidney.

The hormones produced are epinephrine and norphaminephrine, more commonly known as Adrenalin or adrenaline.

Both are produced and secreted via the adrenal glands and are reasonable for the ‘fight or flight response.

Emotions such as anger & fear trigger epinephrine release into the bloodstream, causing increased heart rate, muscle strength & blood pressure.

In any stressful situation, the kidneys have to work harder to produce an extra surplus of catecholamines.

Each time your kidneys have to harder, an extra boost of vitamin C is needed each time to do their job effectively.

Being in a constant state of stress, anxiety, low mood, and disturbed sleep will lead to low energy and concentration levels, leading to mental health problems.

Reproduction Hormones Affect Mood & Emotion Throughout Life 

Vitamin C also aids in producing hormones that are critical to the reproduction, growth and development of both male and female.

The reproductive organs produce both the male hormone testosterone and the female hormone estrogen throughout life.

Hormonal change for both male or female can have a massive impact on mood, emotions, relationships and mental health.

Keeping your vitamin C level up is essential; this can help alleviate many of the negative symptoms of hormonal change.

These changes can be frightening, confusing and worrying no matter at what age the change occurs.

Everyday Stress

Stress contributes to the weakening of our immune systems and is one of the major causes of a mental break down and chronic disease.

It’s essential to pay close attention to your moods, reactions, emotions and feelings and that you take care of yourself too.

Getting stressed out and constantly feeling overwhelmed with life appears to be part and parcel of the new norm at the moment.

Also, considering all that we went through in 2020, there’s a real urgency moving forward into 2021 to take better care of you.

It will help if you look out for, recognise and address any problems you may currently have.

Be aware of any changing or developing problems concerning your mental or physical health will help you catch them as early as possible.

2020 Was an extremely stressful year for most.

Stress can kill; it can also go undetected too; stress does not just present itself with a crash, bang, wallop!

Keep An Eye Out for Each Other

Some people carry on regardless, trying desperately to keep their chin up, holding their feelings and emotions in.

Look out for any signs of stress that may be affecting your loved ones may be showing too.  Please help them by reaching out and remind them that you are there for them.

Letting someone know they are not on their own can help. We all need a bit more support right now.

Having had depression in the past and still struggle with stress and anxiety, I have to make sure I’m on top of any symptoms before developing and when they do.

I have to make sure I supplement my diet with vitamin C via my diet, and I eat lots of fruit and veg, which is always the best way.

I also top up with a vitamin C supplement along with D3, B12 and others.

Sometimes even with the best intentions, I find it challenging to get the correct amounts I need through diet alone.

Looking after your immune system is the best thing you can do right now, with all things considering.

Both our mental and physical health is at risk, more so now than at any other time.

As always, any contribution to the conversation is encouraged and always very much appreciated.

About Mitch in Bermuda, Founder of Immune System

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Strong

Mitch X:-).

*Please note the information contained in this post is intended for general information and should not to use as a substitute for healthcare professionals’ expertise and judgment.



UK Helplines

  • National Debt Help UK: website:
  • The Samaritans: 116 123 (free 24-helpline) website
  • Mental Health Foundation:
  • No Panic: (Re anxiety) : 0844 967 4848 (10pm -10pm) website:

USA Helplines

  • USA Government Debt Support: website:
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI):  1-800-950-NAMI (6264) (hotline) website:
  • Crisis Text Line: Connect with a crisis counsellor to receive 24 hr crisis support via text message: text NAMI to 741-741

4 thoughts on “Can Vitamin C Help With Stress & Depression?

  1. Misael H says:

    I love that you’ve included the US National Library of Medicine studies to back your findings. I really find this interesting because it is definitely news to me to hear that there is actually a correlation between Vitamin C and depression. Which is an issue that has gone up about 1000% since COVID hit and people need to learn more about this so that they know how to get out of this misery 

    1. Mitch says:

      Hi Misael,

      Neither did I till I stepped up my game and started looking into how important our immune systems are and what they really do when COVID hit. 

      I had been making improvements to my health for years, especially around my diet (nutrients, vitamins etc) mostly due to illness’s I had developed.

      I also suffered from depression many, years ago and had not once been told that certain vitamin and minerals can prevent, and elevate the symptoms.

      I now make sure I include Vitamin C in my daily supplements as well as ensure my diet contains as much vitamin C rich foods as possible.

      Do you take any supplements? You are so right, there is a great deal of misery going round so we need to try and stay as healthy and as positive as we possibly can.

      Thank you for your contribution it has been very much appreciated.

      Stay Save, Stay Healthy, Stay Strong.

      Mitch X:-).


  2. mohamed jendoubi says:

    this is the first time that I know that vitamin C has these multiple effects on our psychology and solves a lot of problems.
    the important thing is that it is everywhere in nature .

    i think that Vitamin C is good for Skin health because Vitamin C care is aimed at all age groups with preventive actions or
    curative. Indeed, in young skin, vitamin C will effectively preserve integrity of collagen and slow the formation of wrinkles. In mature skin, its action will allow the skin to regain tone and elasticity thanks to the stimulation of collagen production.

    1. Mitch says:

      Hey Mohamed,

      So pleased you were able to find out something new about Vitamin C’s incredible benefits, and yes, it is everywhere in nature. However, you would be surprised that some people still do not get enough.

      With any vitamin, you must take the correct amounts daily, not enough does nothing, and too much can harm. 

      That’s why it is always important to do your due diligence, and if need be, professional advice.

      Vitamin C is a fantastic source for skin, hair and nails, actually plays a role in almost all the functions of the immune system.

      Vitamin C is an all-round player.

      Thank You  So Much for Your Contribution.

      Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Strong

      Mitch X:-).


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