How Can I Tell if I Have A Weakened Immune System?


Here’s How

A weakened immune system needs fortifying with all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs keeping it as healthy as possible.

In this post, you will get a better understanding of the signs and symptoms to look out for which may indicate a weakened immune system.

You will also be provided with some really useful suggestions that will help you and your immune system stay stronger and healthier for longer.

The Best Protection in Fighting Any Virus.

This is the best solution in protecting yourself from infection, illness and disease Including COVID-19 and the Influenza Virus.

Having a healthy immune system or making a real effort to improve it might just stand you in good stead against fighting the symptoms of COVID-19, the flu or any other virus out there for that matter.

Melbourne researchers mapped immune responses from one of Australia’s first Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) patients, showing the body’s ability to fight the virus and recover from the infection.

Science Daily published the full story on March 17th 2020.

“We showed that even though COVID-19 is caused by a new virus, in an otherwise healthy person, a robust immune response across different cell types was associated with clinical recovery, similar to what we see in influenza,” Professor Kedzierska said.

Along with the 20 seconds washing your hand’s rule, social distancing especially with regard to the most vulnerable (those with underlying health conditions) and making sure your immune system is as healthy as possible, is a definite must.

Lots of Things to Consider

Frequent infections could indicate a compromised immune system.

Having a weakened immune system can present itself in many ways.

If you’ve noticed that you tire easily, catch every bug that’s going, get irritable and stressed out easily.

These symptoms could among other things indicate a weakened immune system.

After eliminating the obvious such as late nights or shift patterns at work or having a new baby in the house, it’s worth looking into if TATT describes you.

Here the answers to a few questions people most often ask, and  keep a keen eye out for any tell tale warning signs you may be exhibiting.

After reading, you may decide to go ahead and do the sensible thing by taking much better care of yourself.

Giving you and your immune system a much needed, well deserved, long overdue helping of attention and a good dose of TLC.

1. Why Do I Suffer from Frequent Infections?

If you suffer from frequent infections does it sometimes appear you recover only to be knocked back off your feet again a few days later by the same infection or illness?

This may be a strong indication that you have a weakened immune system, your immune system produces antibodies that protect you from infection.

A compromised immune system will have a much harder time fighting infection, illness and disease.

It is common knowledge that having a compromised immune system is likely to get infections more frequently than most other people, and they might be more severe or harder to treat.

*Infections that people with a compromised immune system often get include: 

  • pneumonia
  • meningitis
  • bronchitis
  • skin infections.

2. Why Do I Feel Tired All the Time?

(TATT) Feeling “tired all the time” now has its own acronym, so common is the symptom and the phrase.

We all seem to feel ‘tired all the time’ lately, despite having more time on our hands than ever before due to the COVID-19 pandemic, constant lockdowns , people being furloughed, losing jobs and businesses, or having to work from home.

lack of sleep can weaken your immune system
Lack of sleep will weaken your immune system.

The reason for feeling ‘tired all the time’ can appear obvious especially in light of what’s been going on in the world so far this year .

The events of 2020 will have definitely been taking its toll on millions of people around the world. and sadly will have a lasting effect on millions of peoples physical and mental health.

There are also other obvious causes such as bereavement, losing your home or a relationship break up, any kind of  stressful or traumatic situation is a cause that has an effect on both physical and mental health alike.

“psychological causes of tiredness are much more common than physical causes” according to the NHS UK.

The physical causes that can make you feel TATT these include:

      • Under performing thyroid glands.
      • Being overweight or obesity – Your body has to work harder to do everyday activities.
      • Being underweight – Poor muscle strength can make you tire  and fatigued more easily.
      • The side effects of medicines and some herbal remedies’

 There Are Also Lifestyle Factors to Consider Too

In today’s fast-paced, “always logged on or into” world, we often try to cram too much into our everyday lives.

Trying to stay on top of things by consuming too much caffeine, sugary, high-fat snacks or alcohol on the go, rather than sitting down for a proper meal either on your own or with family and friends will also compromise your immune system.

3. Why Do I Get Stressed Out & Frustrated Easily?

stress is a major contributor to a weakened immune system
Stress will eventually cause physical symptoms.

Your immune system not only promotes good physical health but also promotes good mental health too.

Regulating and supporting your mood and emotions, it’s really important that this aspect is taken just as seriously as any other for a cause pertaining to a weakened immune system.

The human stress response such as ‘flight or fight’, still prevails today,

Threats that no longer require a physical response such as a test or exam may have physical consequences, including changes in the immune system.

The US National Library of Medicine have over the past 30 years done more than 300 studies on stress and immunity in humans and have shown that psychological challenges are capable of modifying various features of the immune response.

4. Why Am I Finding it Difficult to Sleep?

Sleep loss is definitely a major factor in weakening your immune system, making you more susceptible to catching infections such as a cold, the flu and all other infections currently out there.

According to the  US National Library of Medicine  National Institutes of Health,

Sleep and immunity are bidirectionally linked, immune system activation alters sleep and sleep in turn affects the innate and adaptive arm of our body’s defense system

Infections generally make you feel tired once your immune system has kicked in and the desire to sleep increases, a good night’s sleep is always recommended in the hope that you’ll feel much better in the morning.

5. Why Do I Get Tummy Ache All the Time?

Frequent bouts of diarrhea, gas or constipation may also be signs that you have a weakened immune system, studies show that the lymphoid tissue contained in your gut represents almost 70% of our entire immune system.

Also, the “good bacteria” that live in your gut do more than just help with digestion they help keep any “bad bacteria” in check by multiplying so often the unhealthy bacteria don’t have enough space for growth.

A healthy balance of bacteria in your gut, is called equilibrium.

Low amounts of these helpful gut bacteria can leave you at risk to viruses, chronic inflammation and even autoimmune disorders.

6. Why Is My Cut Taking So Long To Heal.

Your immune system when an injury occurs activates a 3 step process of repair, the first response causes the injury (e.g a cut or a burn) to become inflamed to prevent infection.

Secondly, a scab (newly formed cells) cover the wound protecting it from exposure to the elements and germs, similar to a plaster and thirdly scar tissue (newly formed cells) help the wound heal.

Some injuries heal easily while others can take longer especially if you have a compromised immune system.

If you have any kind of cut or wound that is taking more than a few weeks to heal, you really ought to go see a doctor, just to be on the save side and check things out,

Slow healing woulds could indicate a serious underlying health condition such as diabetes, with any disease the earlier you catch it the more successful the treatment and recovery.

Zinc has an enormous impact on the immune system when it comes to wound repair, providing  it with all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients it requires is extremely important.

You Have to Look After You

Ultimate it is you and your immune system that hold the keys to your personal health, vitality and longevity.

The better you can do to protect and look after it, the better it can do to protect and look after you.

As always all contribution to the discussion is always encouraged and always very much appreciated.

Stay Save, Stay Healthy, Stay Strong.

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*Please note the information contained in this post is intended for the purpose of general information and should not be used as a substitute for the individual expertise and judgement of healthcare professionals.



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