How Does the Immune System Fight Viruses?


How Does The Immune System Fight Viruses?

The immune system monitors your body for signs of distress and invasion. When it recognises a virus, it immediately takes action to neutralise it and eliminate it from your body.

Your immune system does this by releasing chemicals that trigger and deploy specialised cells that go rushing to the site of the invasion, ready to attack and wipe out the enemy.

While the immune system is busy fighting off invading viruses, your body will react to infections in a few different ways.


For example, chemicals are released into the body’s cells to elevate body temperature or instigate inflammation as a defence mechanism in fighting invading viruses.

The innate immune system is one of the first to respond using microbial peptides (AMP) produced by both the immune cells and the skin.

These cells target microbes, destroying them before they even enter the body; they do this by breaking down and disrupting the microbes ability to function.

The adaptive immune system first response team include highly specialised T-cells, B Cells and macrophages that seek out and destroy any invading pathogens. (germs)

Our Very Own Private Army

How our immune system fights viruses and germs is highly complex and mind-blowing, requiring a lot of attention if you seek to improve health.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to make every effort around learning more about your immune system and how it works.

Overseeing and monitoring your immune system, its overall health, efficiency and functionality is vital at this moment in time.

There is a continuous battle going on inside you, every second, of every day, on a subconscious level.

You can dramatically improve your immune system’s health by providing it with all the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs.

Having a healthy environment both on the inside and the outside helps.

We All Need A Helping Hand Sometime


Sometimes, however, your immune system may need some assistance to support its performance.

Your immune system may need extra support by eating more vitamin and mineral-packed foods, vitamin supplements or medication.

Your immune system may need this extra support so that it can carry out its usual duties.

The fact that we are so blissfully unaware our immune system is even there, working as hard as it does.

When it does suddenly stop working correctly, we sure do get to know about it, simply because we start to feel ill or die.

How Can I Boost My Immune System?

You can naturally boost your immune system with vitamin D3 just by sitting in the sun, that’s if you are lucky enough to live in a country that offers wall to wall sunshine all year-round.

Some countries can go without sunshine for as long as six months during the year.

Producing any amount of vitamin D3 naturally during these long dark winters months is virtually impossible.


Vitamin D3 is one of the essential vitamins needed in maintaining a healthy, robust immune system.

Your only solution in this particular case is to ensure you get as much sunlight as you can.

You should also include as many vitamin-rich foods as you possibly can into your diet.

You may also want to consider introducing supplements into your diet.

Only for the vitamin and minerals you are deficient in, such as vitamin C, D2, D3, Selenium and Zinc.

We Couldn’t Possibly Live Without it!

No, not even remotely possible.

Without our immune systems, we could not possibly survive.

We would have no natural or biological way of defending ourselves from all the viruses and harmful bacteria out there, just dying to get into our bodies.

Let’s not forget the ones that have permanent residency, ‘you do know you have lodgers, right’? Hence, the term ‘host’.


Our immune system is dependent on many other factors, which all need serious consideration, personal care and attention.

Take Good Care of Your Immune System

Your Immune System takes excellent care of you, your loved ones included.

In return, you should be doing the same.

If you can improve on and make reasonable efforts around accomplishing this, a long healthy and active life is very much attainable.

As always, please feel free to leave any thoughts, comments or advice that are always encouraged and very much appreciated.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Strong.

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6 thoughts on “How Does the Immune System Fight Viruses?

  1. Shia says:

    Very good site, lots of helpful and useful information about how to keep a strong immune system very and boost it also as I have been feeling quite run down and tired the advice helped me immensely. Thanks

    1. Mitch Taylor says:

      Hi Shia,

      Thanks so much for leaving such a lovely comment, glad I could be of help.

      I will be posting more advice around ensuring you are adding enough vitamin-rich foods in your diet, along with which specific vitamins you should consider taking a look at.

      Thanks again, have a lovely weekend & hope to see you again soon.

      Mitch X:-).

  2. Jaime jose Dominguez says:

    I knew taking a multivitamin daily was good for me as my mom used to make me take one daily. I learned a lot about the immune system and I had no idea we had 3 sets of tonsils.

    1. Mitch says:

      Hi Jamie,


      Clearly a very sensible individual, we moms know a thing or two. ?

      I’m delighted to hear you followed your mothers advice and hope you kept it up, be aware you may only need the added supplement of some,not all,
      please bear in mind over doing it on quantities can cause problems.

      I’m sure your mom (who sounds like a wonderful lady by the way) used to get you to eat up all your greens too, make sure you are getting as much vitamin & mineral packed food in you diet as possible.

      Although greens are delicious, its not all rabbit food we need a varied diet to get especially when it comes to minerals such as iron and Zinc, if you do eat fish or meat then supplements are definitely a good idea. ???

      & Yes we have 3 sets of tonsils! ? Who knew??? I never, they are a set of front line defenders, they should never be removed really, the procedure is rarely done now, after they realized it did more harm removing them than leaving them in?.

      Removing them causes immune problems throughout life and they are usually removed when quite young so that’s a long time to suffer.

      You’ve given me an idea ? for a future post,so nice one!

      Thanks for that ?? be sure to keep an eye out ?

      Thanks for taking time out to spend time with me today and glad you were able to take away something new and useful.

      Stay Gold Always & See You Again Real Soon

      Mitch X:-).

      Immune System Explained.Com


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