Hydroxychloroquine & Me


Just over 8 years ago, one of the consultants I was under, prescribed me the most controversial drug of 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, Hydroxychloroquine.

I had been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis & Palindromic Rheumatism.

In this post is about my experience whilst taking it and have a look at if it really can help in the prevention, treatment and recovery of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

It Worked for Me

In fact, it actually did a great job with elevating my symptoms which included the swollen painful joints, chronic back pain and restricted mobility.

The downside to the upside however were that the acute side effects, for me it was the loss of smell and taste, I just couldn’t live with that, I love my food too much, can you imagine?

hydroxychloroquine is a immunomodulatory drug
Hydroxychloroquine is well established in the role of managing rheumatic diseases.

Hydroxychloroquine is actually a synthetic form of a drug called Quinine which originated from the bark of the Cinchona Tree and is still used as the bitter flavoring in tonic water.

The drug has been used in the treatment of Malaria for decades and had shown to have various immunomodulatory effects and since the 1950s has been well-established in the role of managing rheumatic diseases, such as systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, skin diseases and in the treatment of chronic Q fever.

President Trump & Hydroxychloroquine

I’m guessing that’s why it has been talked about so much by Donald Trump who referred to it as a potential ‘game-changer’ and proclaimed that he had been taking it hydroxychloroquine along with another drug called Azihromycin to prevent developing COVID 19.

The Huff Post on 22 March 2020 reported, The Huff Post on 22 March 2020 reported the following, Trump Touts "Game-Changing' Drug Cocktail for Coronavirus Linked to Fatal Arrhythmia."

“Trump Touts ‘Game-Changing’ Drug Cocktail For Coronavirus Linked To Fatal Arrhythmia”

“What do we have to lose? he asked. The president, who is not a doctor, recommended a potentially dangerous drug combo to his 74 million Twitter followers.

However, it appears to have not prevented President Trump from testing positive for coronavirus on October 3rd 2020 along with First Lady Melania Trump, both were forced to self isolate.

Many other members of his close allies also fell prey to testing positive for COVID 19.

Including Senior Advisor Kelly Ann Conway, Former Communications Director Hope Hicks, Former Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Donald Trumps lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

Two other major world leaders, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro also tested positive for coronavirus

Can Hydroxychloroquine Really Treat COVID 19?

According To:

The British Government website: www.gov.uk

“Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are not licensed to treat COVID- 19 related symptoms or prevent infection”

The US Department of Health & Human Services website: www.nih.gov

“Hydroxychloroquine does not benefit adults hospitalized with COVID-19”

The Pharmaceutical Journal website: www.pharmaceutical-journal.com

“Down, but not out: Hydroxychloroquine could still have a role against COVID-19”

covid-19 has affected the world in one way or another
2020 will be a year none of us will ever forget.

As you can see the US and UK governments are very much against the use of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of COVID 19 and actually warn against its use.

Whilst others claim there is some evidence that suggests hydroxychloroquine does indeed alleviate symptoms and has the potential of becoming a key player in the treatment and recovery of COVID 19.

Studies and trails have not stopped, they are current and ongoing.

Then & Now 

That was 10 years ago, I am now 54 yrs of age and I thankfully no longer have or feel the need to take any of those drugs anymore, or any other prescribed medication for that matter and haven’t done so for the past 6 years.

It was a book given to me as a gift, it was a revelation, that was it, that little red book was the key, it taught me about the power of right thinking, the power of thought. 

I tried it  and for me it absolutely worked, it wasn’t, hasn’t been and still is not easy, no way.

Right now its the hardest its ever been trying to stay well and healthy, to remain positive and hopeful for the future, its really difficult for everyone.

My Mission

I won’t be deterred though, I’m still on my journey perusing, better health, happiness,peace and longevity.

With the pandemic, lock downs, division, riots, protests, alternatives truths, confusion, chaos going on in the world today  as update my post.

I feel a real urgency to discover more for myself, my family, my friends, my community, you, anyone.

To Share, To Inform, To Signpost

I guess I’m reaching out to anyone, like me, that seeks to survive this far from normal reality both physically,mentally and spiritually.

I for one intend that me and my family make it out alive in the best possibly way we can with one of the most powerful resources we have available to us right now!

The Human Immune System

Yours too…..

Back then I begun by instead looking toward Aloe Vera the ‘Doctor Plant’ to help me cope, I began to discover and learn about the vitamins and minerals the human body needs and that I had been lacking, all my efforts began to help alleviate the pain and symptoms.

As I grow older, experience more, as circumstances change and present themselves, I research more, learn more, understand more and evolve, its the only way I know how.

So I Intend to Continue & Move Forward…

In the meantime please feel free to join in the conversation, all comments, advice, information is always encouraged and always very much appreciated.

Stay Save, Stay Healthy, Stay Strong

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*Please note the information contained in this post is intended for the purpose of general information and should not be used as a substitute for the individual expertise and judgment of healthcare professionals.


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