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Just over 8 years ago I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis & Palindromic Rheumatism and was prescribed lots of different drugs.

I now take no prescription drugs and have not done so for the past five years.

It worked, I just couldn’t live with the side affects.

I had no energy, felt drowsy all the time just wanted to lie down, curl up and go to sleep.

Dealing with life, work, my illness, the pain, it was all really depressing.

To cut a long story short, over a 2-year period I rapidly went downhill and ended up on anti-depressants along with all the other medication I was being prescribed, and this was how it was for a time.

Getting Through It All

After returning to work and another bout of depression, the unit manager came to me ans asked if I was OK, to tell you the truth I was not as good as I could or should have been, anxiety and fears about returning to work had kept me awake for weeks.

I mentioned I felt strange but would soon settle back in, which was in fact the truth, I knew once I started getting back into the swing of things the anxiety would subside, if only enough to keep me going for as long as it lasted.

He also gave me a book, he told me to give it a read, that it had helped him through some difficult times, it was red, it looked new, interesting.

That Little Red Book

Reading is something that I have always loved and still do despite the internet taking over, I thanked him, said that I would certainly give it a read and return it back to him in the condition given, he said “no, you don’t need to return it, it’s a gift.”

It certainly was a gift, a gift I will never forget, you could say Clive, my unit manager giving me that book saved me, changed my life forever.

It was whilst reading this book (an absolute revelation by the way), that I began directing, focusing and concentrating my thoughts and mental efforts on fighting my arthritis and my depression.

A gift that changed my life.

I eventually weened my self of all the prescribed drugs I was taking until I stopped taking them completely, It was then that I changed my whole approach to my illness’s and every other aspect of my life.

How I Cope With Pain & Illness

The only sign now that I may have had or have arthritis is the little finger of my right hand, my lucky finger is how I consider it, no pain, no discomfort just a little out of shape that’s all.

Keeping myself as illness free as I possible for the past 5 year appears to have been working, I rarely get ill and if I do become ill, I combat whatever it is by using natural remedies or over the counter medications as and when, sometimes I need a little extra help.

If on occasion I need pain relief for anything, I take paracetamol for pain and temperature, ibuprofen for pain and inflammation or co-codamol, a stronger pain killer when I need something a little stronger, all are over the counter medications.

I’ve also been incorporating vitamin and mineral rich foods along with supplements that suit my individual needs into my daily diet since the beginning of my journey.

A journey which as my experience, knowledge and understanding has grown, has been evolving and ever improving

The Time Is Now

COVID 19 motivated me to seriously step up my game with regard to my immune system in March 2020, when most of the world had gone into fear, confusion and lock down.

It appears our immune system is the best line of defense we have at our immediate disposal in fighting C~19, influenza and all the other harmful viruses, illness and disease out there.

The key to life itself
The Key to Life Itself.

Your lifestyle and what you eat has a direct impact on how effective your immune system works and how successful it is in protecting you from invading germs, illness and disease.

Keeping you in great physical shape, your immune system contributes to muscle tone, strong bones and teeth, healthy glowing skin and shiny thick hair.

A major contributor to you looking good, whilst slowing down the degenerative effects of old age.

Lack of quality time-out, fresh air, exercise, healthy relationships re just as vital to overall good health including your immune system.

A deficiency in any essential vitamin, mineral and nutrients can and will lead to an immune deficiency of some degree.

The Keys to Life 2021

I adamantly believe that it is our immune system that hold the ultimate keys to not only your physical health and mental health, but also the keys to vitality (energy levels) and longevity (long life).

The better you do to protect and look after it, the better it will do to protect and look after you, it is that simple.

Moving into 2021 more so now than ever, it is imperative that you take action around protecting you and your loved ones in the best way you can with where you are and what you have at your personal disposal.

Alternative Truths

Conflicting, confusing information is abundant, it makes your head spin, so much “fake news”, “alternative truths”, the lack of respect and believe in science, intruth, lies, rumors, stories, deceit referred scholars, historians, history, it is truly mind boggling, extremely dangerous and deeply disturbing.

We have to get above the noise, research, do your due diligence, don’t just take my word for it or anyone else’s for that matter.

You can fight and defeat any virus, improve your overall health and your mental well-being without the constant use of prescription drugs.

Most medications come with a long list of side orders that have damaging effects to other parts of the body, usually soft tissue such as eyesight or your internal organs and some drugs become highly addictive, hence another issue, addiction to pain killers.

Prescription drugs in my opinion do more harm than good, I am not anti prescription drugs, they definitely have there place on the menu, we were blessed with the intelligence to create them and save life.

However, as with everything man has a tendency to corrupt and when money and greed kicks in it’s ‘game over’.

Big Pharma like any other business depends on ‘returning customers’.

A Work in Progress

My intention is to share some of the things I have discovered along the way and the things I am still discovering, this is a fluid ongoing situation and I intend to bring you closer to understanding the power you hold within your immune systems.

I think it’s important that I mention I am not a health guru or freak, I partake in a glass of alcohol or two, have a terrible sweet tooth, love chocolate, ice cream and vanilla milkshake.

I do not go to the gym and I struggle with keeping up with any form of home exercise, this I constantly work on.

I do however promise to always keep it real, to be honest and deliver to you what I believe to be true, factual, informative and helpful, presented to you in a way that is maybe a little easier to understand, solely for your information and well being only, to do with what you will.

Please share any thoughts, comments or advice you may have, all contributions to the conversation are always encouraged and always very much appreciated.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Stay Strong

About Mitch founder of Immune System at the Blow Holes in Grand Cayman

Mitch! X:-).


*Please note the information contained in this post is intended for the purpose of general information and should not be used as a substitute for the individual expertise and judgment of healthcare professionals.

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