Walnuts Look Like Little Brains & That’s Only The Beginning


Food That Looks Like Body Parts

When it comes to your immune system, its function, processes and capabilities, it is truly mind-blowing.

Mother Nature knew exactly what she was doing in taking care of human beings, both physically and mentally. She has equipped you with all the protection mechanisms you will ever need.

Along with an abundance of nutritious fruit and vegetables that perfectly complement the human body’s needs, particularly its organs, gland, and cells.

In this post, I highlight seven of these amazing superfoods alongside the organs and cells they complement.

Below I have highlighted the significant bits for you, just if you’re on a tight schedule.

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The Brain

Your brain is your engine room, the master of your immune system and nervous system. It regulates and controls every single cell, organ and gland in your body.

What is also absolutely amazing is that Mother Nature has provided foods that look like the body’s organs and glands.

How coincidental is that?

Walnuts (brain)


The walnut looks exactly like the brain. When you look at it, you can see the folds separating the left and right hemisphere, just like that of the brain.

The nutritional value is through the roof, and it helps the brain grow and function as it should.

Walnuts have more Omega 3 than any other nut in the world.

The Walnut helps counteract cognitive decline and neurogenic diseases, such as Alzheimer and Senile Dementia.

Carrots (eyes)

Not just an old wife’s tale.

If you look at a sliced carrot, you will notice that it looks exactly like the human eye. Science has shown us time and time again that vitamin A contained in carrots help improve eye vision.

Tomatoes (heart)

tomatoes-are-important-for-heart-and-blood-healthTomatoes are red and have four chambers, just like the human heart. Research has shown that the nutrition found in tomatoes is essential for heart and blood health.

Bok Choy (bones)

bok-choy-is-full-of-calciumBox Chou is a very nutritious vegetable filled with Calcium, and the stems look like bones.

Calcium is vital for bone development and strength and helps prevent Osteoporosis.

Ginger (stomach)

ginger-root-has-been-used-for-centuries-for-stomach-problemsThis particular root looks like your stomach, and it has numerous medicinal properties.

Ginger has been used for centuries to treat stomach ache, stomach problems and nausea.

Sweet Potatoes (pancreas)

sweet-potatoes-help-the-pancreas-secret-insulinSweet potato looks like the human pancreas, which is the organ responsible for secreting insulin that allows glucose (body sugar) to get to all cells of your body.

Those sweet potatoes help the pancreas to work well.

Kidney Beans (kidneys)


This one is undoubtedly a brainer.

Kidney beans are deep read and the same shape as your kidney; they help prevent and combat kidney disease.

Onions (cells & eyes)

onions-help-clear-waste-from-human-cellsOnions are super healthy, and if you cut one in half, you will see that the rings resemble human body cells.

The nutrition onions provide help remove the waste from your cells.

When chopping them, your eyes begin to water; this offers your eyes a welcome natural eyewash.

Avocado (hormones male/female)

avocados-helps-balance-both-male-and-female hormonesThis fruit is one of the most incredible superfoods on the planet!

Avocado balances out hormones for both male and females. The correct balance of hormones is crucial for a healthy pregnancy in women.

This super fruit looks like the shape of the female womb and what’s even more mind-blowing is that it takes nine months to grow to full fruition, precisely the same time as a human baby.

Mother Nature Is Truly Remarkable

Mother Nature is truly remarkable; she has provided you with an abundance of healthy options without using human-made prescription drugs.

As always, all contributions to the discussion are always encouraged and always very much appreciated.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Strongabout-mitch-co-founder-of-immune-system-com-in grand-cayman

Mitch X:-).

*Please note that this post’s information is for general information and not a substitute for healthcare professionals’ expertise and judgment.

2 thoughts on “Walnuts Look Like Little Brains & That’s Only The Beginning

  1. Shia says:

    Woww this is really interesting to read the fact that the vegetables look like the organs is mental makes sense though. I had to show my daughter we had a read through together 😊 very informative keep up the fab work Mitch.

    1. Mitch says:

      Great to see you again, Shia,

      Yes, it’s incredible, don’t you think, and it makes sense!

      I was blown away when I found out about the link between the food we eat and our actual body parts 😮 I’m so pleased you had a look at it with your daughter, that’s awesome.

      It’s nice to know you both took something away from the post.

      Celery is another food that contains 23% sodium and looks just like bones; they also contain silicon, great for the structure and strengthening of bones and red wine for its blood-thinning properties.

      As you can see, there are a few more to add to the list.

      Can you think of any? It would be interesting to know.

      Hope to hear from you soon.



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