6 Best Ways to Boost Your Immune System


Super Boosting Tips

Lack of vitamins, minerals and nutrients can lead to immune deficiency as well as many other chronic illness and disease.

This list provides you with 5 science-backed ways you can ensure your immune system gets all the TLC it needs to achieve peak performance.

1. Make Sure You are Getting the Right Vitamins & Minerals

Your immune system to work efficiently and effectively requires specific amounts of individual vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, B, C, D, D3, Zinc, Selenium and Omega 3 along with over 30 other vitamins and minerals  all  playing a vital role in supporting our immune systems numerous, complex functions.

Taking the wrong amounts of vitamins and minerals can cause serious problems so you should always do your own research and do diligence along with checking things out with your doctor or health worker.

This is extremely important if you have any underlying health conditions, are taking any other supplements or prescribed medication before you even think about introducing new supplements into your diet.

2. Add More Vitamin & Mineral Rich Foods to Your Diet

This one is really easy, no matter where you live most people nowadays have access to a whole range of vitamin-rich foods either grown at home or brought from your local grocery store or supermarket.

Adding lots of vitamin and mineral-rich foods to your diet, rich in vitamins A, B, C, D3, Zinc, Selenium, Omega 3 oil, just to name a few.

3 Vitamin Rich Foods

Below is a list of 9 vitamin packed super foods all of which are easily accessible to most people or can be easily and cheaply grown organically at home.

Growing food at home can be be therapeutic and extremely rewarding, you may even consider keeping a few hens for their delicious fresh protein packed eggs, that is if you have the space, the time and the inclination.

Herbs and vegetables can even be grown at home even if you don’t have a garden, plant pots are just as good or failing that they can be easily and cheaply purchased form your local grocer, local market, or superstore.

Vitamin and Minerals Are An Essential Part of Your Diet
Introduce lots more super foods to your diet.
  1. spinach
  2. oily fish
  3. steak
  4. nuts
  5. plantain
  6. yogurt
  7. mango
  8. tomatoes
  9. sweet potato

Fresh or frozen most foods  will retain its nutritional content in varying degrees dependent on the type of food and how it was processed some foods have been fortified with vitamins and minerals on our behalf.

You’ll find that some foods are fortified on our behalf during processing foods which are usually fortified with vitamins & minerals are breakfast cereals, flour, milk, bread, sugar, salt, oil, dried milk.

It’s Not all About the Veggies

Meat, fish and dairy fish are high in essential minerals such as Iron and Zinc.
If you are vegan you may want to consider complementing your diet with supplements.

Fresh meat contains just as much nutritional value as any other food source.

Meats add much needed iron to the body providing it with the raw material it needs for the 24/7 conveyor belt of red blood cells.

Diary such as eggs, cheese and milk also provides the immune system with Zinc for the healing of wounds (a game changer for Diabetics by the way) and oily fish for the much-prized Omega 3 brain food.

4. Relaxation & Quality Sleep

Sounds like heaven I know, this is an area that is so important, making sure that you get enough undisturbed quality sleep is vital to immune system health.

Lack of sleep can have dire consequences on the immune system, resulting in low energy, fatigue and the susceptibility to illness, infection and disease.

Prioritize time to relax some how, I understand fully this is not always an easy thing to accomplish, but you really do need to look after you too.

Prepare for the evening, set the scene, a warm bath, soft candles, a glass of wine or a hot milky mug of cocoa, and an early night, no computer, no phone, relax, go on treat yourself, its been a tough year, you deserve it.

5. Fresh Air & As Much Exercise As You Can Muster

Regular exercise and plenty of fresh air is a fantastic immune system booster and stress reliever too.

Even if it’s just taking the dog on extra long walks a few extra times a week, this will make your dog a happier dog and also help with any sleep problems you may be having too.

Walking or running is a great way to get some exercise and that much-needed helping of fresh air, even more so now what with COVID-19 lock downs closing places like gyms, public  spaces, swimming pools, sports and recreational facilities.


Taking the time to wash your hands properly helps prevent the spread of infection
Taking the time to wash your hands properly helps prevent the spread of infection.

We’ve seen this sign all over the place forever really, sounds simple doesn’t it, maybe that’s because it is.

Taking the time to wash your hands properly or using anti-bacterial hand gel regularly when at home, at work or out and about in public, it’s really important.

The advice that has been widely given with regard to washing your hands using the 20 Second Hand Washing Rule has appeared to have had a real impact on slowing down and minimizing the spread of all harmful bacteria and viruses including COVID-19 and the Influenza virus.

Should I Take Vitamin or Mineral Supplements?

Dr Irwin Rosenberg a professor at the Tufts University of Medicine in Boston, which is among the world’s best medical research institutions in the world for clinical medicine stated that –

“There’s no real rationale of why you should just take all the vitamins you can think of and put them into one pill.”

Not seeing the point in taking a multivitamin he takes the sensible approach by taking the supplements that he knows his body can’t get through diet alone.

He went on to explain that people tend to take the one-a-day multivitamin as a sort of insurance policy sadly for them “the pay-off may never come, but it gives some peace of mind”.

Dr Rosenberg hopes to see a more tailored approach in taking vitamin and mineral supplements.

He would like to see an approach where people dependent on their individual needs and circumstance only take the vitamin and mineral supplements their immune system and their body needs.

As always all contribution to the discussion is always encouraged and always very much appreciated.

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