5 Best Ways to Boost Your Immune System

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super-boost-your-immune-system 800

Super Boosting Tips

Lack of vitamins, minerals and nutrients can lead to significant immune deficiency causing chronic illness and disease in both body and mind.

This list provides you with five science-backed ways to ensure your immune system gets all the TLC it needs to ensure peak performance.

1. Make Sure You are Getting the Right Vitamins & Minerals

Your immune system to work efficiently and effectively requires specific amounts of individual vitamins and minerals. These include vitamin A, B, C, D, D3, Zinc, Selenium and Omega 3, and over 30 other vitamins and minerals. They all play a vital role in supporting our immune systems, and numerous, complex functions.

Taking the wrong amounts of vitamins and minerals can cause serious problems; you should always do your research and check things out with your doctor or health worker.

2. Add More Vitamin & Mineral Rich Foods to Your Diet

Fresh fruit and vegetables are always best.


Getting enough vitamin D2 from diet alone is not usually a problem. No matter where you live, most people nowadays have access to a whole range of vitamin-rich foods either grown at home or brought from a local grocery store or supermarket.

Introduce lots of vitamin and mineral-rich foods to your diet, rich in vitamins A, B, C, D3, Zinc, Selenium, and Omega 3 oil, to name a few.

3. Relaxation & Quality Sleep

It sounds like heaven, I know; this is an area that is so important; making sure that you get enough undisturbed quality sleep is vital to immune system health. Lack of sleep can have dire consequences on the immune system, resulting in low energy, fatigue and susceptibility to illness, infection and disease.

Prioritise time to relax, I fully understand this is not always an easy thing to accomplish, but you need to look after yourself. Prepare for the evening, set the scene with a warm bath, soft candles, a glass of wine or a hot milky mug of cocoa.

An early night does wonders, no computer, no phone, relax, go on, treat yourself; it’s been tough, you deserve it.

4. Fresh Air & As Much Exercise As You Can Muster


Regular exercise and plenty of fresh air are fantastic immune system boosters and stress relievers too.

Taking the dog on extra long walks a few additional times a week counts as exercise, you will make your dog happier, and it will also help you with any sleep problems you may be having.

Walking or running is a great way to get some exercise and that much-needed helping of fresh air.

It is essential even more now with the  COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions, closing places like gyms, public spaces, swimming pools, sports, and recreational facilities.


Taking the time to wash your hands properly helps prevent the spread of infection

We’ve seen this sign all over the place forever.

It sounds pretty simple.

Maybe that’s because it is.

Taking the time to wash your hands properly is essential in stopping the spread of bacteria, viruses and infection.

Using anti-bacterial hand gel regularly when at home, at work or out and about in public is essential. Doing these things will help stop the spread of bacteria, infection and germs.

The advice that many government health departments have given about washing your hands using the 20 Second Hand Washing Rule appears to have impacted slowing down and minimising the spread of COVID-19.

Should I Take Vitamin or Mineral Supplements?

Dr Irwin Rosenberg, a professor at the Tufts University of Medicine in Boston, which is among the world’s best medical research institutions in the world for clinical medicine, stated that –

“There’s no real rationale of why you should just take all the vitamins you can think of and put them into one pill.”

Not seeing the point in taking a multivitamin, he takes the sensible approach by taking the supplements that he knows his body can’t get through diet alone. He explained that people tend to take the one-a-day multivitamin as a sort of insurance policy. Sadly for them, “the pay-off may never come, but it gives some peace of mind”.

Dr Rosenberg hopes to see a more tailored approach to taking vitamin and mineral supplements.

He would like to see an approach where people dependent on their individual needs and circumstances only take the vitamin and mineral supplements, for their immune system and body needs.

*Please note the information in this post is intended for the purpose of general information only and should not be used as a substitute for the individual expertise and judgment of healthcare professionals & that I may get a commission for purchases made through links in this post.

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